Raido, Kenaz, and KRS One

I love being home without a car.

I’m enjoying the peace while it’s here.

After being a road manager for KRS One on his ‘Now Hear This’ tour in 2016, I’ve gained some wisdom on the value of stillness. It won’t always be this way. Believe me. That’s the way the universe is. Savor any permanence, for its fleeting.

Flashback in time. Here I am, Emmy living up in a tiny attic on Minista Zin Uru’s family land on a horse ranch up in the Sierra Nevadas in CA when we get a call on the phone.

‘Zin and Em, It’s KRS One. Can you get to Miami in 3 days so you can get on a boat and come to Europe with us on tour?’

Before we could hang up we’re packing. I was so nervous, and also ready for the adventure. I mean, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

We book our tickets and within days we’re sailing across the Atlantic Ocean with KRS, eating fish while we gaze on the sea of Gibraltar.

We land in Barcelona and immediately begin the Now Hear This tour all over Spain and France. In the daytime I would study the Grail Mysteries and Mary Magdalen in old churches and monasteries in Southern France and Spain.

Then by night we’d rock packed houses of european Hip Hop heads just losing it to the illest boom bap beats by BDP, KRS and Predator Prime.

I was in the presence of the greats.

We got to tour with artists like RA the Rugged Man, Cypress Hill, Mr Green and A.F.R.O.

I’d make herbal infusions of bankkress, horehound, and peppermint with lemon and honey for the emcees backstage.

My Witch Hop was already brewing at that time, though fresh. 🌱

I was on a spirit walk. It was surreal .

I looked down at my hands regularly to ask myself. ‘Am I dreaming?’. And I was! But lucidly and in waking.

In retrospect, I’m glad I didn’t know then what I know now. Now when I go on tour again as an artist I’ll know what I’ve learned, and that’ll help.

And then I’ll learn new things, mostly through my mistakes, and so on and so forth.

Like the rune poem for this week’s rune ‘Raido’ says- ‘Riding seems easy to the warriors inside a great hall, much harder astride a stout horse pounding the great mile paths.’

Yeah it was magickal. And also it was the hardest best job I ever had. I was in charge of booking hotel rooms, handling the accounting, renting all of our vehicles, planning our meals, and making sure venues fit specs and had all the proper amenities.

I mapped each tour destination and included helpful information about each city we visited.

I was the first to arrive to the venue and the last to leave. We were always in motion. Kris’ manager and wife G Simone is an acronoligist, artist, and mystic. She was my boss, and I shadowed her as I learned more and more about what it is to mother culture from behind the scenes. She makes it look easy. It’s not!

Somedays you wake up and you just had a show the night before but you gotta rally cuz you have one tonight and you gotta get everyone on the bus on time fed, happy, and ready to roll.

When KRS One says jump, you jump!

I mean you don’t have to, but if you do, you’ll have a much better time.

And for those of you yet unfamiliar, KRS One is a living legend. His name stands for Knowledge Reigns Supreme Over Nearly Everyone.

He is a founder of Hip Hop Culture, A legendary Emcee, Freestylist and Battlerapper. He’s also importantly a Philosopher, Scholar, Author, Dreamer, Father, Husband and Teacha.

I had the blessing to sit for long hours and discuss the universe with Kris in our time together in Los Angeles and also on tour throughout Europe.

We’d be walking in the city at night and I’d say ‘Teacha, look. That building is shaped like two ‘H’s. Looks like Hip Hop City.’ And he’d pause, and laugh, and say in his most Morpheus like tone ‘Yes. Yes. You’re growing eyes to see, young padwan.’ Okay I said the ‘young padwan’ part but… you know.

We’d philosophize about politics, religion, sociology, technology, and culture. He imparted flames of wisdom in 6 hour lectures that still burn on the fuel of my curiosity.

He was fascinated by my Oracular abilities and we’d visit in dreams and visions with important knowledge for one another.

He has provided for me the keys to have eyes to see the consciousness that moves through Hiphop Culture, and to practice it’s elements as we unify beneath it’s banner.

It was tragic when my partner Zin and I broke up and thus I left the Temple of Hip Hop and my important work there.

But now, these years later, I know it was a necessary severance.

I’m so glad that they’re still hosting the weekly calls I helped to set up where they study KRS’s book ‘The Gospel of Hip Hop’.

The love I have for them never died, just changed seasons.

I’m out here in the world on my own now without their flag, and it’s encouraged me to stay dedicated to my chosen elements and to build from the ground up.

Like Christ says in the Gnostic Gospels, ‘The written word is dead. It is the living word that is God’s word.’

Or like the rune poem for Kenaz, or Ken says ‘The torch is known to every living man, by it’s pale bright flame, it always burns.”

And yeah, KRS One’s living words in lecture, conversation, and onstage as the greatest emcee of all time, taught me way more than his book The Gospel of Hip Hop ever did. And the book imparts a lot. More than plenty for a lifetime of study.

The knowledge of SELF I gained on tour with the Teacha still burns bright within. Because I know, to become an attuned Hiphoppa, I must cultivate first and foremost dedication on the journey to God/Goddess within.

To know myself, so I may know the whole universe.

So yeah. whether I get to hang out on a cruise boat having dinner with KRS or whether I sit here in the garden without a car, the spirit of Hip Hop and the flame of knowledge KRS imparted is still alive and well and will live forever.

And I’m coming down the hill every month so If you wanna help keep it lit, step into the Mothership Cypher Episode 2 Friday, October 21 2022.

And if you wanna say yes to the journey of my online Rune Class, where we dive deeper into the meaning of Raido and Kenaz, it’s $24. Just send a DM and I’ll send you a link with video lessons and infosheet!

Until we meet again,

There it is.

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