Gaifu, Wunjo, and Success


We’ve almost made it through the first aett of the rune row in our weekly contemplation of the Elder Futhark runes! Wowie Zowies. Everytime I practice this discipline, the runes reveal something new.

It’s real magick, I tell ya.

The rhythm of the runes.

I feel so overjoyed to know them.

I feel so lucky to have fetched them.

(Thanks to Jonathan Rigby)

And I hope that they’ve revealed new meaning and medicine for you also these past few weeks, my friends.

I’m hoping that you and I can get to know each other with more clarity through the exchange of these ancient teachings.

The journey through the rune row is ancient and old, and it’s a real blast to attempt to apply them into modern outlets and futuristic ways online.

I feel honored to carry on the teachings of my ancestors, and to study their mysteries, even in the Wyrd Weft on Facebook.

So, yeah. In honor of this week’s contemplation of the runes ‘Gaifu’ , ‘The Gift’ and ‘Wunjo’ or ‘Luck’ , I’m offering FREE Rune Readings as a GIFT to you in this thread!!!

In fact, I think we’ll all be more fortunate by this generous act.

The rune poem for Gaifu, or Gebo, says

‘Generosity brings credit and honor,

Which support one’s dignity;

It furnishes help and subsistence

To all broken men who are devoid of aught else.’

So true.

When we’re feeling unsure, full of doubt, or lacking self love, it helps to be generous and to enter into a place of service. This reminds us of how powerful we all are, and why we’re truly here. To be love. To be joy. To share.

So, if you’d like to receive a FREE personal rune reading from me, simply post an emoji or selfie in the comments and I’ll pull a seemingly random runic message synchronistically for you with a personalized interpretation.

Also, one comment will be chosen at random as a LUCKY WINNER of a FREE 15 minute Rune Wisdom Session with me, which I’ll announce Monday on my LIVE Readings for the People video. YEEEEE! FUN!

Like the rune poem for Wunjo says about Joy:

Who uses it knows no pain,

sorrow nor anxiety, and he himself has

prosperity and bliss, and also enough shelter.

So, let’s serve life by giving, having fun and relating with each other with wonder. Ask a ??? in the comments, and see what rune appears with wisdom for you.

Wanna learn how to read the runes for yourself? I teach an online class! In order to find out more, send me a DM along with $24 bucks and I’ll send you an unlisted link.

And if you just can’t wait and you’d like a full rune reading with me, visit to book a Rune Wisdom Session. We’ll go deep into the roots of the World Tree.

Choose your own adventure, what you put in, you’ll certainly get out.

Until next week’s dive into a month in the Underworld, Blessed of Luck!!!


Emily Ra

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