We got this

You are not broken. In fact you’re very much still here. And that next breath you’re taking? It’s there to catch your fall also. And the next. And the next. I know you’ve been through a lot. Too much for any one human to manage. I don’t know how you’ve even done it, except that …

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‘Goddess Work’

I want to talk about the term ‘Goddess Work’. Mostly because for a long time I held a hidden and deep-seated resentment anytime I had to do any other job besides “Goddess work“. I thought that if I wasn’t in the sweet timeless embrace of ritual and ceremony or divination or dreaming or the arts …

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Sally Willow

I was struggling with inflammation and pain, so before sleep I asked Dreammaker for some advice. Then, I had a dream. . . . In the dream I’m at the riverside with this really chill sandy haired lady. She says her name is ‘Sally’. She’s got this whole surfer beachbabe windblown kinda vibe. Her and …

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