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Well , I’ve changed my mind again.

And I’m doing my best to not make it such a habit. But sometimes when you go to make a move in life, life has other plans, better ones actually, though unexpected.

Anyways, I changed my mind about building a Patreon.

Here I was minding my own business building my little Patreon plan in my little apartment office when poof! Tiare Valouria comes along to seemingly thwart my masterplan.

“Emmy! She says. Don’t do it!” she says. “Patreon has weird fees and it’s a total hassle. My advisors have shown me a better way for my website, and I recommend you go that direction’’

I scoff, my lioness tail between my legs.

This can’t possibly be true.

But then I research.

Yep. Turns out Tiare was right.

She usually is. I remember last Winter when she warned me that the astrology wasn’t great for my ritual arts plans and i didn’t listen and then lo and behold, they got canceled.

Then she warned me again on an astrotip not to launch a new project but did I listen? Newwww. And did it work out. Neeeewwwp,

Well. I mean it’s all working out. All the mistakes, side quests, and adjustments by the wyrdness of life are lessons. All the fuckery is still made of wobbly stepping stones on the opus to solid ground and success.

But surely, one lesson I’ve learned in life so far is to listen to Tiare Tashnick when she takes the time to give you advice. ✨

For she is wise.

The internet is the Wild West. Everytime you think a new platform is the best, something better comes along. Having a great support team, a solid vision, and the willingness to be flexible is so crucial to a successful online business.

So I’m changing my mind. I’m focusing on My team and I are working hard to remodel and integrate exclusive content, bookings options, and my mystery school classes!

We gotta listen to the rhythms of life and it’s changes as we move gracefully through them, like a great dancer would.

I had the honor to study Temple Fusion Bellydance with Tiare and her crew Valourian Theatre for a short spell, or shatterspell rather. 😉

It was an honor to be moved by Pearl and Tiare’s choreography and to be part of the group. I was welcomed even though I had no previous professional dance experience and was certainly ‘green’ at the time.

I’m still far from pro but definitely less far thanks to them. Maybe I’m turquoise now. Or a nice teal, but i digress

Tiare’s classes and rehearsals are filled with women moving together in conversation without words. It’s a healing practice on many levels to dance with her, not just physically.

The yoga and tableuxs we practice helped me cope with my trauma somatically. It’s intentional and mindful. It’s spiritual. It’s real magick!

And yeah her Patreon has been really cool to support, but what I’m even more stoked for is her new web domain ‘Animara’. It’s so much more uniquely her style, with all the ways to access yoga and dance class online.

She also has one of those newsletters that I actually look forward to reading. It has an astro forecast and personal updates. Always big and wondrous things. High Art.

Go follow!

Enough Gushing for Now.

Love ya, Queen Ti.


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