On Butter, Witch Trials, and Ending the Blame Game

  Yesterday a stick of butter melted all over the stovetop. I’d left it there after preparing some roasted sweet potato with kerrygold and salt.     Lo and behold, my dear unsuspecting housemate turned the oven on to bake some fishsticks and didn’t see the stick of butter there.    Ten minutes later and…bluuuuuurrrrb.   […]

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Fresh Breakup Report

Can I get a witness?   Preface: I’m expressing this publicly because I need to be witnessed. I’m feeling intensely as I sit by the river and process. I need to be seen in my vulnerability , radical honesty, and in pain.  If you’re able to hold space, offer support, or prayers thank you you’re

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Omen Day 6- Spider is Here

My dreams last night were unremarkable. That’s okay. You can’t force dreammaker.  Besides, there’s a lot to focus on in waking life. A lot to process from previous dreams. A lot to prepare for the bright future of our upcoming Dreamwalker Course.  And spider may be tiny, but they’re huge symbolically. They’re enough. The Celtic 

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