Reforming Sex Education

I wish I had gotten a better education about segx when I was a kid. 

Like for real, where were the places we could go and truly understand the complexities of love and relationships?! 

The adults seemed so ashamed, so secretive, and yet in TV and movies and on the internet all I’d see is gratuitous pyornographic imagery telling me to be segxual, telling me to be more desirable this way, that the goal was to hook up and be with someone who’d stimulate me with dopamine addled deep lust. 

But there wasn’t anyone there to educate me about the subtlies of it all, how to relate, how to communicate, how to ask for and give consent, how to listen to my body, about the true makeup of my body. 

No one taught me about hygeine, and about eye contact, about love, about different positions, about fertility awareness method, about herbs, about caring for babies who thus become full on kids, about plants, prayer, and preventitive health. 

For real, I didn’t even know I had an internal clit*oris until I was like 25!!! 

This is what it looks like ^^^

All that time I coulda been diving deeper into it’s magic but I didn’t even know it was THERE. It was sleeping in my awareness, locked away in ancient memory. 

And the shame. Let’s touch back on that shame for a moment. There’s deep shame around the most primal of our hjorny desires. There’s distortions and perversions in the mind caused by deep seeded guilt for being a freakin human. 

A disconnection from the bottom of our bodies. An up n’ out into disassociation from our creativity, our voice, our intuition, our sovereignty, and our true magnetic centers. 

We’re walking around head first. But our wisdom lives in the below. 

No one educated me about the lower dan tien in school. No one taught me how to breathe. No one taught me how to have an o*rgasm. No one taught me about how to choose a partner that respects me. 

All I was taught was fear. Of pregnancy. Of disease. 

And pseudo  ‘science’ . And diagrams. 

Here i was a newly menstruating child, blood on my hands staining books beneath my blanket fort that were written in the seventies about women having the right to own a business or get a credit card or own land without a man. 

It was really only the 70’s that women took off the corset but then we put on shoulder pads, and now ‘goddesses’ wear lingerie and plastic and glue on their faces and dance around for male drug addled djs with their asshes out like Britney and then say their feminists. 

It’s religous programming. It’s undealt with trauma from war. It’s propaganda.

It’s a crazy mixed up world. 

I wish we could all be educated better about the mysteries of segx. Of the magic of segx. Of the emotional dynamics between lovers. About the meridians. About our bodies. About our souls. About o*rgasm. About kindness. 

I wish we could learn about compersion. And that ‘open relationships’ are often a fancy word for cheating. I wish we would learn about red flags.  I wish we could live honestly and stop projecting our childhood wounds all over one another. 

I wish pjorn didn’t educate people about how to be segxual. There’s so much lost potential for pleasure in the constant overthinking and fear of losing control. 

Why don’t they teach taoist seed retention and semenal recirculation in school? Why don’t men understand the mysteries of this alchemical practice for regeneration, vitality, and health? 

Why are men constantly addicted, depleted, and left in longing? 

Where are the teachers to guide them down to the river for a cold plunge so he can prevent prostate cancer? Where are the sweat lodges to help him detox the frustration of carrying all that cortisol?

Where are the places where it’s safe for him to have freakin’ feelings? 

Why don’t they teach him this in school?

And why dont we have trans people in school teaching  kids about being non-binary, gender fluid, transsexual, or transgender? Why don’t the kids learn about the two spirits, and learn from them about the mysteries of identity? 


I have a theory as to why. 

It’s because if we were to learn and accept these aspects of our sacred segxual beingness. If we were to be in alignment with the power of our ohrgasm to make manifest myriads of realities. If we were to respect our bodies and the bodies of others with consent and reciprocity, we’d be FREE.

We’d no longer be depleted. 

We’d no longer be pained in longing.

We’d create heaven on Earth. 

We’d destroy the powers that wanna be. 

Segx Education needs reform. It’s time! 

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