The Rose Petalled Path

The first time I met Marya Stark I was living at the Temple of Isis in 2008 and she was playing sweet guitar songs in the pavilion as I happened to walk past. Her voice was penetrating and bounced from rafter to rafter as the audience enjoyed their afternoon refreshments. From there I’d hear her

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Bear Shaman

Bear Shaman, Where are you? I need you and your drum! I need you and your plants! I need you and your song! And your wild fur, Won’t you meet me in dreams? To show me white flowers, And the healing of sleep? Bear shaman I cry, Bear shaman I weep, Bear shaman I mourn,

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The Shadowy Place

Sawhein Poetry It was all great and empowering. The shadowy place. Ah, we did it. We finished all the magic. And then, the villain appears. They thought the story was done, and that the baby had her blessing. But with it came the other wise woman. The 13th one that everyone wished would stay home.

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