Dreamwork is Soul Work

Goddess Bless it, I have such a fun job! 

Last week I got to lead our monthly Dream Council with Reuben and Interviews with E.D. and we practiced one of my favorite exersises from Robert Moss’ book ‘Active Dreaming’. 

Basically, you utilize the power of imagination to map the chakra points of the body, and determine what colors, landscapes, beings, and feelings they invoke. 

Then, you identify where in your body is the strongest point, and where is the one in need of the most assistance to connect one part to the other. 

The sky’s the limit as far as what you can see, experience, and change in this practice and it’s truly one of the most treasured gems I ever unearthed from investing my focus into Robert Moss’ books. 

Anyways, while I was mapping my chakras in Dream Council last week, which again is my JOB (?!),  I found that my heart was a place in my body that needed the most healing. 

When I go to the center of it, there’s an aching that hurts like a mofo. And also, as I bring my awareness to it’s edges I feel where the pain starts to back off. 

My heart is an earthy red landscape that feels like a dry sahara. I sense a being there and as I look closer I see it’s a dark skinned man with a half lion face, and he’s standing there in the shade of a large baobab tree next to a tawny and calm lioness.

They remind me of what would happen if a Lyran star being and a Massai warrior had a baby, and they grew up to be a whisperer to large cats and other creatures in nature. 

It’s dry there. The lioness is panting a bit though you can barely tell because of her pride. The Lyran Masaai seems still. Calm but also keenly focused earnestly on finding a way to quench himself, his companion, and the land. 

I know that I must connect with the strongest area of my body for help, and as I ask Dreamaker to show me, I’m shown my feet. 

My feet have been getting so smooshed in my narrow shoes lately, Ibut been sitting in my friend’s leg and foot massage chair for the past few weeks and I think it helps me immensely in allowing energy upward from the Earth.

Anyways, as I close my eyes and tune in, I can see that my feet are a violet purple color. Very bright and vibrant. Very invigorating. And as I go deeper yet I sense a vast open ocean with magickal and rare island oasis’ speckled across the sea.

As I go deeper I sense a being rising from the waters and I’’m instantly reminded  of a dream I had years ago of the Tibetan Dakinis. They also have a very Buddhist Naga like quality. 

I see she has the tail of a coyfish and the body of a woman. 

She begins to leap from the water and levitate in the air. She’s grinning as she floats in a golden cloud of mist and beams from her eyes as if every cell of her being is able to smile at the same time. 

And now there’s three dakini nagas  floating and dancing in ecstasy over a vast ocean as rays of light sparkle on the surface of the vast ocean below. 

I ask the main Naga Dakini, will you help me with the dry desert of my heart?

And she does. She swims with her sisters in channels up the veins in my legs and into my thighs and hips, she travels through the jing of my body as she undulates with fabulosity into the center of my heart. 

I can feel rivers fill where there were once dried up beds. The plants start to regrow in timelapse. The lioness slowly walks to the edge of the creek and laps up long cold gulps of fresh water. 

The Lyran Masaai’s body glistens with cool mist, as his eyes glow a golden citrine and electric blue. I can see meridians of his body also lighting aglow.

And the Naga Dakinis keep flying. They fly up up up and grow wings as they pass my heart which is now a lush jungle of medicine flowers, fruits and seeds again. 

As they fly they flutter air into the passage of my throat, and as i tone they fly into my mind as it clears and rests it gaze once more on etheric stillness. 

 I come back from the journey (which is only like 5 minutes btw <!>) and I write down what I saw. 

And then, bonus, I got to hear stories about what everyone else saw! 

And I thought to myself again. Wait….this is my JOB?  

To study cool books and collectively imagine with community and therefore integrate seemingly seperate aspects of our psyche back into wholeness? 


But ya know, when I think about it, dreamwork is not my ‘Job.’ 

It’s my work. 

It’s an opus. It’s bigger than money. 

it’s more than securing a 401k. 

It’s what my soul knows it’s able to do. 

Anyways, I just thought I’d share. 

And if ya wanna come do some dreamwork with me, visit www.emilyra.com to learn how. I offer FREE 15 minute consultations. 

Also,  Dreamwalker is every Wednesday night on Zoom from 6-8pm for the next few weeks! We drop in  for a comprehensive dreamwork training that will set you up for life. 

I hope you’ll tune. in. 

In the meantime, my Dakini Nagas send you smiles from sunny California, and my Lyran Massai Warrior and Lioness bid you love from the now flowering baobab tree. 

Your Ally,

Emily Ra

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