Welcome to the Neighborhood

I just dropped off the keys at the old apartment! #allthefeels

To celebrate, I’m gonna go in the garden, take off all my clothes and lay naked in the sunshine all day. #sunthebum

I’m sure it’ll relax my nerves and I’ll feel free for a moment from all the existential dread.


Oh! Hey Neighbor! Nice to meet you. Oh, and your two dogs too! Hey buddies . 🐾

Heh, what am I up to today? Oh, you know, just laying here naked looking at this tree upside down until the runes appear so I can ask it’s soul for guidance about my next basket.

Then later I might consecrate a quartz crystal with that of the spirit of my extradimensional ancestors as i infuse colloidal silver with crescent moonlight and direct the lunar energy with sound into its hexagonal matrix which really is the Tetragrammaton. As I do this, I will chant the holy vowels that were first birthed from the primordial void.

Moment of silence.


Oh, you gotta go? Yeah, totally, well, alright, see ya tomorrow! (Waves earnestly while naked butt shines in the Autumn sun)


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