Omen Day 4- Lunar Moth and Goddess Lineage

I wonder if April 2023 will be mega mystical and goddessy considering both the card I pulled from the Animal Spirit Oracle along with the prophetic dream I had last night have very deep ancestral divine feminine undertones.    I pulled ‘MOTH’ from the Wild Unknown Animal Spirit deck, and dreamt with a buried Priestess. …

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Sunflower Saga

If you watch my Morning Report, you’re well-acquainted with my sunflower. I planted a plethora of sunflower seeds and only one determined flower sprouted up! One night, It faced a very hard windstorm and almost fell over, but with the support of a tiki torch, it BLOOMED on Fall Equinox! I was beaming the day …

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Sally Willow

I was struggling with inflammation and pain, so before sleep I asked Dreammaker for some advice. Then, I had a dream. . . . In the dream I’m at the riverside with this really chill sandy haired lady. She says her name is ‘Sally’. She’s got this whole surfer beachbabe windblown kinda vibe. Her and …

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