I was initiated by the Temple of Isis and Fellowship of Isis in 2005, and have been on a path of both the seeker and a facilitator since then. I studied transpersonal psychology at the College of the Redwoods in northern California as well as magic, witchcraft, religion, world mythology and the ecological sciences.

I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and have always had a precocious and wild spirit that has been called to the mysteries and to the muse. I’m an artist.  And I’m learning through this quest called life.  I’ve been a nomadic merchant and spent years curating beautiful artwork, jewelry and herbal medicines.

I’ve dedicated my life to the study of dreams, both waking and in sleep, and am committed to creating safe containers for dreamwork to flow through. I  believe that there are treasures that one can find along the way, and I know without a doubt that these gifts found in the otherworlds are meant to be shared with others here. I’ve interpreted thousands of dreams, led hundreds of rituals, given thousands of readings and have experienced countless visions that have supported and validated others in my community.  I hold precious my soulmate clients and friends. This work as an oracle and medicine person feels purposeful.

I’m also a musician, a hiphoppa, and I love fusion bellydance and drinking tea. While I feel fairly self aware, it is one’s greatest challenge to explain who we really are to another. This itself is the work that I am called to do the most. To explore together who we are and why we’re here.


Dreams as medicine for the community. Through forming relationships with our dreams and one another in council format, we find medicine that helps us return to a deeper connection with all life

Book a Dream Session

Bring your dream life to our sacred and confidential space where we will practice interpretation, journeywork, and active dreamwork. You will come out of our session feeling inspired creatively, and with new clarity about your dreams. I have worked with hundreds if not thousands of people and their dreams. It’s an honor to hold space with what is uniquely yours.

Dream Council Facebook Group

FREE for all those allies and kin who hear the call. Daily Dream Sharing. Over 2k members. Tips and Tricks. LIVE Video Archive. Community Dream Journal.

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I'm blessed to have guided hundreds of fellow seekers along the path. A few of them have been kind enough to reflect on their experiences. I'm grateful for their insight and sharing. 

Emily Ra is a guide into the intangible realms. She does this work through many means as a teacher, a healer, and a mystic. She uses various tools to gain insight to these realms including trance, journeying, dreamwork, ritual, runes, and tarot among others. She is a powerful psychic channel and can connect to others profoundly to aid them in gaining insight into their deeper truths.  With her wisdom and intuition, she has the ability to meet each seeker where they are at and gracefully bring them in deeper contact with their true selves. I have always felt so relaxed in my time working with her, as I have a solid sense of trust in her abilities to navigate the invisible realms of energy which are truly governing our physical worlds and lives. The way she supports transformation of energy truly ripples out into all areas of life.

Rebeka Fabrizio

Emily's work is multifaceted and multidimensional. She is a talented songstress, musician, and poet. She's an amazing Oracle and intuitive reader. She's a prolific content creator on social media, sharing her good work and words with the people. "Readings for the People" is the dopeness, where she offers online oracle readings live for whoever shows up with a question. The handful of readings I have received from her have been spot on and tremendously helpful! Most of all I appreciate her Dream-focused work, as she is well versed in different approaches to dreaming and Dreamworking. She truly embodies and communicates from a mythic consciousness and yet shows up with a humbleness and sense of humor that is refreshing and feels safe.

John Gabriel Haas

Emily is a true seer, in the ancient way. a soothsayer. she has done what it takes to receive and transmit prophecy. The powers she can call know better than i do, and so i would see her follow the inner guides no matter where they lead. It’s a grim fate, but thats what it takes to be a true seer.

Jonathan Rigby

I would like to see Emily to continue to unfold what this work can do for humans as a collective. There is profound and immediate effect that can be felt when working with her, and personally, I have taken the pearls of insight from my experiences and have adapted them to fit my personal cosmology in a way that has been transformative to my relations with others, my ancestors, and most importantly myself and my practices. Continue to trust the power and necessity for this work. It’s authentic . And in a sea of charlatans, Emily ra stands out as a beacon of authenticity never trying to espouse any image or idolatry to fit the popular trend of what people expect from people who claim to do this type of work. Just keep on keeping it real . Remain open to the changes as you change.

James Sauter

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Ask for clarification, send me a comment, or just tell me how you're doing. I'll get back to you as soon as I can. 

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