Rune Class


Learn to read, write and divine in the Elder Futhark Runerow. 13 Instructional videos and infosheets. At your own pace! Learn the nine staves divination tehnique, bindrunes, and fetch the runic medicines for yourself.

When purchased, you’ll recieve an e-mail with links to video instructions. All on private Youtube links and Google Docs

Presented by Emily Ra

  1. Introduction
  2. Fehu and Uruz
  3. Thurisaz and Ansuz
  4. Raido and Kenaz
  5. Gaifu and Wunjo
  6. Hagalaz and Nauthiz
  7. Isa and Jera
  8. Yewaz and Perthro
  9. Algiz and Sowilo
  10. Tiwaz and Berkano
  11. Ehwaz and Mannaz
  12. Laguz and Inguz
  13. Dagaz and Othalaz


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