Isa and Jera, Heat & Melt

Wooosh. I finally have a moment to write.

It’s been nonstop since I flew to Cali!

Not only is it Sawhein/Halloween but it’s also my Dad’s 70th birthday and he’s becoming a wizard. I plan on going to the forest with mom, the cemetery, and the mountain.

Two tiny giants who I love and call my nieces are so full on. And they’re sugar powered, covered in ecoglitter and ready to party! It’s such a treat .

It’s fun to hang with kids on Halloween. To see themirroring of my own youth and the cycles of time, and also the wonder of it all.

I’m hanging with my sister and brother in law and it’s amazing to watch them stay regulated amongst the little kid shwirl.

I’m soooo tired though. I’m an auntie, not a parent. Haha. it’s such a shoit ton of work ! But I also see the reward in those moments of hard won stillness, and that’s really precious.

I’m reminded of something I heard from a teacher amidst a thirty second plank position recently.

The more heat you build now, the more you’ll melt later. Ugh. Yes. It’s so true.

The more I move and exercise, the more relaxed I feel. The more I travel, the more I’m able to locate myself. The more I feel the exhaustion from keeping up with my fairie goddess nieces, the more my heart melts for it all.

It reminds me of the rune poems for Isa, Stillness and Jera, Time or Movement

Isa: bark of rivers
and roof of the wave
and destruction of the doomed.

Jera :Plenty
boon to men
and good summer
and thriving crops.

What helps me through security at the airport, and crying babies, and Halloween parties with drunk people around, and lack of sleep, and separation anxiety from bae is this deep stillness I know I carry insid

Do you know why the great mother is so often depicted with many arms? Cuz she’s able to do and be so much at the same time! And yet at her center, she’s still.

Meditating on the secret name. Chanting mantra. And listening.

Meanwhile her arms never stop moving.

It’s the way of things.

It’s how life happens.

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