Thurisaz, Ansuz, and Boundaries

I’m mad. Ooooh Like a tiny giant I’m mad!!!

Yaaaarggggghh. I’m so glad that it’s Thurisaz or Thorn week for rune study, because my anger is telling me that I need to set some mother lovin’ limits around these parts.

Thorn’s poem says ‘ thurs causes madness among women, few are cheerful from her misfortune’. I wonder if it’s speaking directly to the primal forces that overtake our good reason when we get triggered and thus causes rifts in meaning and painful conflict.

Or maybe the poem’s about being on your period. Hmm. Anyways, what am I angry about you may ask?

Well, as I’m breathing new life into my readings business, old demons have resurfaced and with them the need to to be clear once again about my policies:

If you’re disrespectful, obnoxious, or behave in a threatening manner, your sacred sessions with me will be instantly terminated, and you will not receive a refund. I do not tolerate having any displaced anger projected upon me. I am not a stand-in for the person or people in your life that aggravate you. Treat me with respect as I will treat you, otherwise our time together will be immediately ceased.

Safety. Coherency. Respect. Boom.

That’s what my little giant inside is protecting.

And her anger is the most high frequency way she knows how to burn up the bullshit. But how does she feel fully without destroying unnecessarily? How do we set limits without harm?

We often get boundaries confused as rejection or punishment.

But look to the rose. It’s the softest most welcoming and deliciously sensual flower. Yet it’s also the most hardcore thorny and resilient plant.

The thorn bush that happens to grow flowers doesn’t hurt you when you respect it’s space. Yet a thorn bush further pressed, will only cut you more and more.

Your thorny limitations protect your inner rose so that your vulnerable petals may remain soft and open to the light. Then, bees and hummingbirds and the sun itself can come and kiss your joyful heart nectar as it unfurls. ❤

Speaking of which, I super appreciate Ansuz as the balancing rune to Thurisaz this week. Ansuz or Os in Anglo Saxon, is symbolized by the wind blown cloak of Odin. It represents the blustering cape of the God. The dancing tongue that sings the bardic ballads. The flowetry of ideas that tickles it’s entrance into creation with each breath.

Mmmmm yes. Creative communication. So Sexy! ( Says the Venus in Gemini over here 😉

Ansuz invigorates the articulation of our intent.

It’s the dancing flame of knowledge that finds safe bondage within the confines of language.

In relating with other artists, mystics, and creators, I deal with a lot of wish washy agreements and half truths from half friends.

So, with Ansuz and Thorn red in my mind, I’m learning to be more impeccable with my word. To promise less. To listen more. To make clear exchanges and confront those lingering questions often left vaguely and mehhh in contracts and agreements.

What would it feel like to have clear af boundaries as a method of providing ease in my life?

This includes boundaries in agreements around who I read with and when, who I make art with, who I owe and who owes me and how much. This includes conveying what I require, and what I desire in a creative way.

I require lucidity in relating. Especially when navigating the realms of money, time, and resources. It’s so important.

Bless me with your artfully articulated priorities. Mmmm! I’ll love you forever!!!

And, It’s okay that most of us aren’t skilled with communication. We didn’t learn how.

In fact the manipulative system that forcefully replaced our families as kids taught us (especially women) to submit and comply and shut up and be quiet and be pretty and calm and never be wild or mad or afraid or ugly. Just be cute with your pinky out and wear a white bikini on your period.

Don’t be a giant, don’t be Angrboða, Wife of Loki, Mother of Fenris with blood all over your hands. Don’t disagree.

For if you do, you’ll be feared, ridiculed and cast out.

Don’t be powerful in the ugly ways. Just the pretty ways.

But I don’t believe in this policy anymore.

I believe that these systems of belief are a lie.

Cuz I didn’t learn how to be healthy from the medical system.

I didn’t learn how to be wise from so called ‘education’

I didn’t learn how to be spiritual in church.

I didn’t learn how to be a good mother from the patriarchy.

The system failed us.

So enough is enough.

We need re-education.

We need a deep healing.

We need the ancestors to wayshow the path back to indigenous ways through not only their languages but the thinking behind them.

Women in Iran are tearing off hijabs out here, people. Black people are dying in the streets. Native lands are being covered in oil on Turtle Island.

We’re ripping down the walls. And howling into the sky screaming from labor pains. The land itself is rolling and shaking and screaming and quaking. And burning. The forests are burning. We wont tolerate being hypnotized, dehumanized and capitalized on anymore. The giants are here. There’s no avoiding it.

And we’re fucking angry.

We want off this rollercoaster of lies.

Oh and while I’m here I have some words to speak into creation.

Say them with me if it resonates:

I am an embodied sovereign being who values the respect of all life. I live equanimously. I have discernement. I have clarity of consciousness. I can see from Creator’s view a situation that triggers me, and utilize my words to take the most peaceful action to resolve it. I know what it feels like to be healthy. I protect my mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health by honoring my limitations with beautiful boundaries. I value the ecosystem and the lessons it teaches about limitations. I know that life is much more than about just me and what i want. I have empathy for all life and it’s needs. I see the natural limitations in nature and respect them, because I value the wellspring of love the earth offers with grace.

My words are powerful.

I utilize them in service to life.

Yes yes yes

Anyways, the Ansuz poem says ‘ the estuary is the way of most journeys, but a scabbard is for swords’. So perhaps best to stop here before babbling on and on.

Next week we’ll travel with Raido and Kenaz



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