Fehu, Uruz, and Heilung

Well, we went to see Heilung on Friday and I don’t think I’ve landed back in 3D. It was like the ancestors appeared before us, delivered their sound light transmission. ¥ , and then left.

I’m raw. Especially because the very next night we embarked on the supernatural Mothership Cypher at the Haven! Extradimensional!

Oh, and I’m moving out of my apartment all the while. Woosh. Holding on to my hat for ALL the things and all the feels.

It’s been a full on Equinox portal.

I’m finally taking a breath today to set up my nest. As I sit at the new altar, I draw a rune. And what do I pull?

FEHU- New Beginnings and Wealth!

So on point. It’s the beginning of a new chapter. And like any new door opening, others have closed that I grieve.

Like the rune poem for Fehu says ‘Wealth causes strife amongst all kinsmen, the wolf lurks in the forest.’

Change requires the drop of old leaves, being willing to exhale and surrender control, send all of our energy down deep into our roots.

How am I gonna free myself from the greed and fear that causes strife when tangled up in exploring my purposeful cultivation of wealth?

How am I gonna summon the strength to lift up my blessings so they don’t become burdens?

It brings to mind URUZ, the counterpart of FEHU, the rune of strength, endurance, health and vitality.

The Uruz rune poem speaks of The Auroch Bull wandering the long moor, The dross of Iron.’

The heaviness, acidity and inflammation that comes from sleep deprevation, dehydration, processed foods, lack and stress.

It’s all dross that needs to be removed from the iron so I can be strong.

So I’m eating healthy foods, sleeping long and deep, taking long walks, doing whole body stretches, hydrating and meditating.

I know my health is a priority. without it, no wealth. And visa versa!

Anyways #heilung has re-ignited my passion for the runes, so I’m dedicated for 12 weeks in personal practice to traveling around the runerow.

This begins by contemplating Fehu and Uruz this week.

I’m holding them in my mind as flames that radiate wisdom. I’m chanting galdr in the morning with praises to the ancestors, the old gods, and to great spirit.

If you’d like to meditate with me, simply hold the symbols in red in your mind and chant their names with heartful intent.

You’ll especially notice some magickal overtones in the sound of ‘Uruz’ if you slow down and get really loud.

I believe that the seed sounds of the runes encrypt their meaning, as I share in great detail in my online video course.

You definitely feel it when you hear Heilung perform their masterful galdr. Every cell is energized by the tones of these ancient sounds.

In Rune Class we also drum to the stone circle in Journey to fetch the runes, and claim them as our own.

If you wanna have a link to the unlisted Rune Class videos, let me know. I request a $24 donation. By the end of the course, I’ll have folks reading, writing, and divining in runes.

Either way, sending love from this new nest. I’m committed to share more about the runes with you on Sundays.

Next week, we’ll talk about Thorn and Os.

Till then, Peace!

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