Omen Day 3- The Twin White Phoenix Birds

Well, March's Omens come with a dream and a card pairing as well, and also and air of ancient mystery! Just how I like it!

For March 2023's Omen I pulled 'The Phoenix' card from the Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Deck.

The Phoenix is associated with the Root Chakra, which is remarkable considering that my February omen, The Cosmic Egg, is associated with the Crown Chakra.

It seems I'll be moving from the top down between February/March, which is auspicious considering that's when we'll be diving deep in our 8 week Dreamwalker course.

What's also synchronous is that the color purple is a root meaning of the word 'Phoenix', and purple is associated with the crown chakra.

From google-

from Old French fenix, via Latin from Greek phoinix ‘Phoenician, reddish purple, or phoenix’. 

The crown at the root.

Or rather coming full circle.

Invoking the violet flame for rebirth.

Oooooh good stuff.


Last night I had a dream, and in the dream there was unecessary drama afoot.

Immediately two glowing white winged dream guides appeared from the port in my back.

They reminded me of the white strands of qi i often see in dream when working with Silene Capensis, or African Dream Herb.

Wherever there is a concentrated amount of qi, it glows brighter and brighter white.

These guides were the brightest I've ever witnessed. They were twinned energies and remind me in waking of the divine sisters |s|s and Nepthys or the Sumerian Innana and Erishkagel.

Anyways I'm already in the wormhole of Phoenician Goddess Mythology to see what sister goddesses may appear, which is fascinating, but for another blog.

Basically, my March Omens have come with powerful strands of concentrated light, a message to refrain from gossip, drama, and other entanglements of the like, and to return from the root back to the crown in regeneration with the violet flame.

March Affirmation:

' I invoke the violet flames, with the assistance of the ancient twin white phoenix sister guides as we cleanse and clear my vessel from any uneccesary or toxic emotional drama. Watch my back. May I be renewed from crown to root, and back again.'





What does phoenix symbolize to you?

Feel free to share in the comments!




Until tomorrow,

Emily Ra


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