The Celtic Omen Days

There are many Winter traditions that I love, and one in particular has made my eyes sparkle since my mother first told me it exists.
This 12 day ritual that continues to amaze all year round is the practice of ‘The Omen Days’ or ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’.
The Celtic Omen Days live between December 26 and January 6th each year.
On each of these days we look for an ‘omen’ or a sign that will indicate a theme for a certain month of the following year.
You’re probably familiar with the song, yeah?
“On the first day of Xmas my true love gave to me…”
Well, turns out this song has it’s roots in much older and more auspicious traditions in Europe, as we mark the return of the the light of the sun in 12 liminal sections.
In fact astrologically, the sun stations for 3 days at Winter Soulstice, and it’s not until January 6th or ‘King’s Day’ that we first notice an inkling of the returning day.
Caitlin Matthews tells us how ‘Intercalary days’ are the days left over from reckoning up the solar year and, in calendars throughout the world and at different times, they are special because they are considered to be ‘the days out of time.’
The Omen Days are-
December 26- January
December 27- February
December 28- March
December 29- April
December 30- May
December 31- June
January 1- July
January 2- August
January 3- September
January 4- October
January 5- November
January 6- December
Now, these omens can come in the form of an animal, a plant, or you can pull a card or draw a rune purposefully. I often utilize a combination of divinatory tools.
I’ll also spin round 3 times and ask for a sign, then go for a walk and see what strange or synchronous happenings i come across. Who knows, maybe I too will see a partridge in a pear tree on my omen walk this year!
Whatever you notice as your omen is your omen. Write it down. Be open to the unexpected!
And also, if you’d like a surefire sign, you can always pull a card or rune to give you direct guidance for that month ahead.
This year I’ll be pulling from Kim Krans’ Wild Unknown Animal Oracle deck. Then, I’ll make a Celtic knot in honor of that animal for my calendar.
If you’d like a helpful reminder about the days, I made a pretty graphic to share with you.
Save it in your phone if you’d like a handy key.
I’ll also be sharing what omens appear to me each day from 12/26- Kings Day on my blog and Facebook page, so stay tuned!
I hope this fun practice will be insightful for our collective as well as personally. ✨
Wow, I love these types of fun magickal activities, don’t you? ‘sigh’ ‘giggle’
Till we meet again.
Emily Ra
Oh and P.S.
Here’s a cool blog with more info from Caitlin Matthews on the subject.
Read up , now! Cuz here we glow!!!
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