Omen Day 4- Lunar Moth and Goddess Lineage

I wonder if April 2023 will be mega mystical and goddessy considering both the card I pulled from the Animal Spirit Oracle along with the prophetic dream I had last night have very deep ancestral divine feminine undertones. 


I pulled ‘MOTH’ from the Wild Unknown Animal Spirit deck, and dreamt with a buried Priestess.


But first of all, can we talk about how The Rite of the Celestial Dream has officially WORKED?!

After practicing the ritual I’ve definitely been receiving cosmic dreams.

Only thing is that rather than receiving one dream to rule them all for a resolution for the whole year of 2023, it seems as though I’m receiving TWELVE dreams  with resolutions for all twelve months of the year!!!

Fine by me. If the Goddess bades me, I’ll do it. 

Maybe I’ll state my resolution at the altar every 28 days at each New Moon in 2023 as well, instead of basing my omens solely on the solar 30 days. 

So many possibiites!

Because for real,  like children’s author Byrd Baylor states, ‘I’m in Charge of Celebrations’, and it sounds good to me. 

So yes, I pulled the Moth Card for April which has a lot of personal significance to my lineage.

Rt Reverend Lady Loreon Vigne, the High Priestess who sponsored my ordination and then trained me at her Goddess Temple in Geyserville, CA had Lunar Moth as her totem. 

When she was a little girl, she wasn’t allowed to have pets and she lived a very lonely life.

Her mother was very cold and neglectful towards her and she had many unique abilities that were left unexplained. She’d spend a lot of time chasing creatures in the fields and forests. 


One day, as the story goes, a moth flew into her window to visit her, or maybe she found a cocoon I don’t quite remember.

All I know is that this Lunar Moth in her window became her friend and companion and that this was the first real awakening to the Goddess she experienced. 


I myself have felt lonely these past few months, and have found great company in the wings of the goddess work.

I’ve been sitting in attunements each day with the Fellowship of Isis prayers, and have found great solace in the teachings of those in my lineage who have passed and who are still alive. 


A few nights ago in attunement meditation I realized how truly Isis is the Mother of Lost Souls.

When I first built my Goddess altar I’d pray only for myself and to relieve my own suffering. Then, slowly, I started praying for others. And now, she calls for me to pray for the world. 


And I feel how the Goddess has room for everyone, she doesn’t leave anyone out. Leaving people out is some kinda patriarchal curse.


The Goddess has room in her heart for it all. 


As I sat praying for the world, I’d see terrible things. Images of violence, war, and suffering. My older sister of the way Mana Youngbear advised me recently  in those moments of feeling lost to listen for a tone deep inside.

Listen for a sound that will bring you back to the resonant field of peace. 

So last night during the attunement I listened for 'the tone', and then suddenly I could feel my lineage at my side, countless people praying together, and I could see the suffering from a place of wholeness with Maha Mundi. 


Then I fell asleep and I had this dream:


I dream of a burial and all the parts are tangled together and the story of the woman buried was a lie. Her robe, her hood and her body were all mixed together but originally when she was buried she was buried in her hood and then a thin veil of stars was laid over her body in a cave. 


It’s so sad the way she was lied about and the drama that ensued about her so in the dream I went into the cave and separated these three parts. Then a revelation was shown to me that the hood represented the female clitoris and the veil of stars the g spot!!!


Womb Mysteries. 


Anyways there were a lot of secrets revealed  about sacred sexuality and goddess  mysteries and answers as to why her grave was disturbed, burial held secret and her true identity changed. 


I woke up and wanted to remember so badly that the whole rest of the night were other versions of rememebering the details. I called in Lady Loreon’s moth to help me hold the dream memory and the moth shows me that many cryptozoological beings were once real but people don’t remember them anymore. 


And then I’m at a goddess conference and Lady Loreon is there talking about her story of the moth and I think most people consider the moth to be about swift action and rebirth but the way she showed it to me was about loneliness on a difficult path yet Mother Earth always being there for comfort no matter what and that if you nurture a practice over time just for the sake of necessity of spirit rather than attachment to an aim, that one day you’ll gain freedom of movement from your own suffering. 


I appreciated that medicine as I feel myself gathering my things and I put on a hoodie and a dark sparkly scarf as I’m walk through New Atlantis with my whole suitcase. 


I feel like I’m getting ready to travel and when I awaken I feel I’ve resurrected with all my parts in tact. 


I had given thanks at the Isis altar yesterday to all of my spiritual lineage who had passed, and Silene Capensis is helping me massively with tapping into the ancestral current in dreams. 


Affirmations for April–


“ When life is challenging,  I remember the teachings of my lineage. All of my parts are in tact. I am ready to travel and bring the teachings of my lineage to the world, knowing that nature is on my side, and that lived devotion itself is the success. ‘

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