Omen Day 2- The Cosmic Egg and the mystic’s Port

Today is the day where we look for an Omen for February, 2023, according to the Celtic Omen Days tradition.

I've pulled the card ' The Cosmic Egg' from Kim Krans' Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Deck, which represents the Crown Chakra.

It's fitting because, ahem, announcement please...We'll be beginning an 8 week dreaming course called 'Dreamwalker' on February 1st!

More details soon, but yes.

The Dreamwalker course is from February 1-March 22. We'll explore 8 archetypes on a live Zoom call formed to help us awaken and nourish our dreamer within.

I've been writing and preparing for weeks to launch this class, and this Omen let's me know that it's gonna be cosmic af!

Oh, and the seventh chakra.

It's something I've been contemplating as I spend a lot of time in 'visionary' states that reside in the mind, the imagination, and the third eye.

The crown requires a surrender into the heavenly mystery. It calls for a release of control with trust in the sentience of the higher mind.

The crown is the gate into the many astral worlds, and it's calling to be nourished from below.

The serpent wrapping around the egg is a very very old symbol. It represents Earth's laylines as well as the living force of nature that encircles and inhabits this planet.

I was just marveling yesterday while sungazing at the park about how the sun is actually a star, and that it's so responsible for so much life.

And then I walked to the great tree and there I marveled at the same amount of life its branches were able to hold.

I'm in such awe of the amount of the life one tree and one star can nurture.

I'm inspired by the amount of life that slithers, crawls, swims flies, grows and walks along the surface of earth and beyond

We are cosmic beings, yes.

And also we're Earthlings AF.

I work a lot withpeople who identify as 'starseeds' and feel safer imagining themselves elsewhere than earth.

But truly, Earth is the Star Seed!

And if you were born in a body here, you're an Earthling, and you belong!!!!

You are a spinal rainbow serpent with limbs, even if sometimes you forget and often spend your time missing your wings instead of wiggling around. lol/

I had a dream last night of a Utopian future on Earth. We all lived in these Eco-Villages that went upward in spirals across the land instead of outward in sprawl.

The water, food, and energy was all clean, pure and flowing. Civilization was thriving and artists and mystics like you and I were resourced to support the bloom of culture, arts, and cosmic sciences.

There was a port of light in my back where guides could enter and exit from, and they could phase me through dimensions, dreams, and timelines.

It was magick.

Reminds me of the book 'The Art of Dreaming' by Carlos Castaneda 

where Don Juan talks about a chakra in your back where you can enter/exit a dream.

So yes, I feel February will be full of dreamwalking, full of ideas for a brighter future, and will be full of prayer and opportunities to utilize the technology of spirit.

Affirmations for February:

'My crown is connected with cosmic awareness. My spine is aligned and dances as a rainbow serpent. I am becoming more and more aware, in waking and in dreams.'

What Omens do you see today?

Let me know!


See you tomorrow,





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