Omen Day 12- Firefly Guide

Well, we’ve arrived. Here at King’s Day, or ‘Mother’s Night’ as the old ones would say. And it’s a Full Moon. What a wave. The Omens over these 12 nights have been beautiful, terrifying, and inspiring. 


I pulled Firefly for the Omen Day of December. 

Returning full circle to now, we’ve walked through the passage.


Nothing is the same as when we began. 

We’ve dove into the sea, flown with the Phoenix, walked through the worlds in dreams, visited with ancestors. Made art and poetry. Spoken prophecy. 


Now, I look forward no more. 

I call in from the past the wisdom as I dive deep into the present. 


To follow a firefly into an unknown passage. 


Affirmation for December: 


“ I follow a spark of hope into the unknown. I come full circle, to meet myself again in the present moment. This is my liberation. This is my healing.’ 

Thank you for being such great company on this adventure. 


I’m glad that the folk traditions of the Omen Days and the practice of Imbas Forasnai are still alive and well in our hearts today.

May we walk forward into 2023 with these Omens in our medicine pouches for good measure and play throughout the weirdly Gregorian year. 

May these Omens be in service not only to myself, but to all life.


Emily Ra

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