Omen Day 11- The Dragonfly Prince

For today's Omen, a dream.

I was up all night in the Full Moon, going through some very difficult grief waves.

Crying, screaming, shaking, hyperventilating, the whole ptsd kaboodle. Oof.

Then, when I finally surrendered into sleep, I received these dreams~

In dreamtime I'm at an oak table and I'm receiving a card reading. The cards are large and the Oracle an old Irish woman with a cloak over her head.

She shows me the card of 'The Dancer' and says it's time to dance. Not to go out and party dance. To practice choreography. To invent movement patterns. To make connections in your body. To let your body express what's on your mind without words. Without your hands. Entirely with movement'

I thank her, and I realize she is the Caelliach, the Wise Crone woman, and she's here to help me.

While I was weeping in waking I prayed aloud for a wise grandmother to place her hand on my back and soothe me. To coo me back to sleep with her ancestral song.

So I suppose it's her, answering my call.

Then, in the dreamtime, I'm at a big gathering of the clans. Each clan comes forward to sing their traditional song. When it's time for my clan to sing,  Eric's sings it with a different tune, one that had never been sung before.

Then I feel my ancestors step forward, two men with dark hair and dark beards and proud chests. They say 'On behalf of Clan Douglass, we thank you, Eric for your service', and upon this I awaken.

I tell Eric the dream, and then he goes into dreamtime, and he dreams with Clan Douglass himself. But that's his story to tell, not mine.

I'm grateful for Eric in waking beyond what words could measure. He's supported, shaped and grown me.

I'll always remember the day he lifted his finger to the sky, and at that very moment, a dragonfly came and landed on it.

He smiled and said Dragonfly was his totem.

I don't know if we'll still be together in November. Who knows, ya know?

But on this Omen Day, as I awaken from my dreams, and rise from bed after a terrifying night of spiritual emergency, I thank the Dragonfly Prince Eric, on behalf of Clan Douglass.

Affirmation for November:

'I dance myself back home to my body as I sing a new song on behalf of my ancestors. I give thanks for the love of those who change the course of my path, to follow new ways with curiousity and bravery. '


Tomorrow is King's Day!

Blessed be.

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