Loving and Accepting Our Wholeness

If you feel pressured by social media to be good looking, spiritual, and cool, my love, enough is enough.

Let it go. 

You're enough right now where you're at, and the more you can love and accept the fact that you're whole, the more you'll feel the sparkle you desire. 

Evolution is Inevitable. 

No need to push it. 

I believe it's capitalism that pressures us to constantly strive. 

The belief is that no matter what we have, It's never enough. Greed, fear and judgement rule the day on wall street and in the minds of man.

And this thinking is braided into our subconscious as well.

It's the programming that says that your body is a sinful place, and that you must strive to find penance for the imperfections of your mortal form so you can be accepted into a much better place later on. 

It's an isideous program that keeps us feeling like we're never enough. 

But know this.

Your body is holy. It IS enough. 

Exactly how it is. 

You don't need to put all the things on to be sacred. 

There's no 'better' thighs, better butt, flat or tight whatever like the magazines propagandize.

You're proportions are perfect. How they are. 

We've gotta end these nonstop tapes and exaustive aspirationalisms that causes us to cease from enjoying this precious life. 

Let's integrate how far we've come and what we already have. 

Cuz that satiated part of us is often driven out by systems that tell us we must perform to a standard and if we don't we'll be rejected and when we do, we'll be rewarded. 

We are compliant to violence as long as the system keeps dangling that carrot of 'success' , meanwhile giving our vital lifeforce energy away as another cog in the corporate wheel. 

And the gears we end up turning is for a machine who's aim is not at all interested in our freedom or success. 


Well, I'm here to say. NO. 

F*CK that. 

There are plenty of people with power who don't deserve it. And plenty who are deserving that don't have it. We've got to stop correlating 'success' with having power or not. 

There are so many limiting factors we can't control.

In the immortal words of Glinda the Good Witch 

'The Power was in you all along, my dear.' 

It's still possible to build new wheels.

And to reignite momentum within very old ones. 

To empower ourselves. 

We just can't sense our soul's power sometimes because of the limitations in belief we've been programmed with. But it's there. Like your dreams. Waiting to be remembered. 

To remember, we've got to start loving and accepting ourselves and empowering ourselves from the flame within through holy wholeness.

No matter what the circumstances. 

Like Bjork says in her song 'Declare Independence' , 'Don't let them do that to you.' Don't let the pressures of the world prevent you from being the Whole and Holy Earthling you are. 

Behold. Here you are right now. Breathing. Being alive in a body. That alone is a miracle. We got here. And we've made it this freakin far. 

Look at everything you've created. Look at everything you've been able to let go of. It's astounding. 

So, my love, if you're sitting there in whatever festering insecurities I'm sure arise as you scroll through the highly sophisticated psychological tech that is social media today, I just wanna reach you through the screen to say...Enough. 


You're enough. 

If you're struggling because you feel like you need direction in life and you feel the pressure to make money and have your career path all figured out and you just simply don't, or you feel like your not good looking enough, or cool enough or worthy of love. 

That's okay. It makes sense. You got this. 

One thing at a time. 

Certainly we won't get anywhere if we don't admit we're suffering and need help. We must become an advocate for that part of ourselves, knowing it is welcomed in our wholeness. 

It's welcome here in community.

We just forgot. 

We've just all been programmed deeply. 

We're doing the blessed we can. 

Our essence is love. Our souls are still here. Still in tact. Maybe a bit scarred like a chipped quartz, but still housed here in the sophisticated technology of our bodies. 

We're still alive as active participants in this project called Earth. 

And I'm saying this to myself also.

I'm done trying. 

Like Yoda says, 'Do, or Do Not. There is no try.'

Just being. 'Sigh' That's it. 

I'm over attempting to outsmart the world into loving me so I can get my needs met by being the most good looking, spiritual, or cool person. 

It's a fool's errand.

Stop trying so hard. 'Try' is not present.

Only here is. Here in the physiology. 

Only here are we BEING. 

Another breath, naturally comes our way. And there it goes. Woosh. Here we are. Being Enough. 

That next breath that your body is making...yeah that one. It's a miracle. And it's because the trees love you. The Earth, loves you and accepts you. The Earth wants you here. You are so loved. 

Your body, your eyes, your work, your life. 

It's enough. 

I recommend looking yourself in the eyes in the mirror today and telling yourself, 'I love you' until you notice a sparkle in your eye. 

And then keep on living life as the whole and holy being you are. 

Anyways, that's it. 

I'm inspired to share.

Here for sessions if need be. 




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