Having a Conversation with Dreams

I was reminded in session yesterday of an important dreaming skill most of us humans forget. It proves our supernatural nature, and yet it's so often overlooked.

Have you heard of dream incubation? It's kinda like keeping a dream journal but backwards. Ha. Lemme explain.

Basically, we can speak directly with our dreams and they'll speak back.

You know how when you keep a dream journal and while you're in the hypnopompic state of waking up, you write down what you remember from your dreamventures the night before?

Well, what if I told you that you could also write in your dream journal BEFORE you go to sleep, and while in the hypnogogic state you could set a seed of intention for what you'd like to dream about?

Yep. You can ask your dream questions. You can CHOOSE what you'd like to dream. In fact, dream incubation is the first step to becoming lucid.

How to do it:

1. Develop an Intention

What do you wanna know more about right now? What's important to you? What motivates you? What do you love?

2. Desire to remember your dreams.

Throughout your day, affirm to yourself that indeed, you do wish to remember your dreams. You know why they are interesting to you. Decide to get curious about them. Decide you wanna dream about your intention.

3. Keep a Dream Journal

Keep track of your dream experiences. Write them down or voice record, analog or digital, whatever method you prefer. Within the first five minutes of waking up, record your impressions.

If you don't remember at first, that's okay. Start decalcifying your pineal gland. Write down the synchronicities you see throughout the day. You'll remember in time.

Get in the habit of taking note of your dreams as valuable. Because they are!

4. Write Down Your Intention

BEFORE sleep, write in your dream journal what intention you have for tonight's dream. You can also ask your dream a question.

For example :

'What do I need to know about this?'
'Thank You, Dream Maker. Show me a dream about...'

Then, while you're falling asleep, hold the seed of your intention as you ride the wave of the hypnopompic state into sleep.

5. Wake Up and Record What You Dream

It's a Rinse and Repeat style practice. Write down how Dream Maker responded to your question in your dream journal upon awakening.

If you have further questions or would like to follow up the next night, continue this practice!!!

I know that this technique works because I utilize it all the time!
This is how I met the Goddess Freyja after months and months of dream incubation and asking.

It's a long story for another time, but simply to say that if you wish to commune with the archetypes you care about the most, if you wish to find solutions to your life's most difficult problems to solve, if you wish for more adventure or beauty or magic in your life, it's HERE.

It's been within you all along, my dear.
You may have just forgotten about your own inner innate psychic technology. It's more entertaining than Netflix. It's wiser than your guru.

More soon.

This is Tracker and Djedi Material for Dreamwalker!

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