Omen Day 5- Shark and the Golden Egg

I put a pen and paper next to the bed last night to see what I would write down in the middle of the night. I went to sleep with sharks on my mind, since that’s my card pull for Omen Day 5. 


When I awoke, this is what I wrote: 


‘Comparing rounded to angled, and AI harvesting dreams from people. 


Then later I wrote:


“It’s not your form, but the stuff you’re made of on the most minute levels. 


Coooool. And weeeeeird. 

But such is the nature of this work. 


After hosting a 13 person Dream Council yesterday with Reuben in Interview with E.D., I was so excited about the last few nights of dreams, I think I was forcing it a little bit.

I was tossing and turning and finding it hard to surrender into sleep. 


C’mon dreammaker, I thought, show me something good. 



I even moved my dresser next to the bed so I could keep my dream journal closer in case I wrote anything down, which I did, so success.


Eric and I ended up talking about the Universe in the dark together for hours. There were some heated moments as I argued that Nirvana is not a place we ever reach but still aim towards, and non duality breakthroughs and how taoism is a paradox that removes you from the dance of form and all kindsa other fun stuff. 

And then we talked about sharks. And how sharks are apex predators. 

And we talked about the new age. And the old one. 

And how sharks have been here all along. 

The old ways, and then the watered down New Agey ways. 


Sharks, so commonly misunderstood and being dangerous, are quite loving when in safe conditions, and free from the smell of fear. Their bones are made of prehistoric medicine. 

There seems to be an ongoing theme of Omens this year regarding the need to remain calm around seemingly dangerous powers. If you’re chill, no problem. If you f” with it, you’ll find out. 


That said, Sharks are predatory. They circle and smell for what information is best to feed upon, and then they do. I think about Shark Tank, and those ‘on top’ of the corporate pyramids. 


I think about success and how many people think a million dollars will make them happy. Ha. They think that one day they’ll be ‘on top’ and so famous that they’ll fill that emptiness inside with the validation and attention that popularity brings. 


But they won’t. 


In fact from the small slice of fame I’ve experienced, fame is lonely. 

Fame is in the green room, not in the crowd.

No one feels like you’re real friend when you’re famous. 

You cruise deep. 


We miss out on our entire lives wishing we were sharks. 

And yeah, I guess they’re kinda cool too. 

I guess I shapeshift into one from time to time. 


But they have their own limitations. 


And so maybe there’s just different ways to approach success in May. 

And opportunities for power that come with some danger. 

And also a reminder to nourish my energy field. 



Anyways, about the AI harvesting our dreams. It does remind me of an odd dream I had last month. In the dream, everything was shaped like the AI drawings we see in the collective imagery these days. 


And I thought. Huh. How will the AI effect our dreaming?

I’ve been offering my dream visions to the AI Midjourney bots to show me what they see. 

For a moment I worried my dreams would never be the same after that.  But ,alas, then the next night I time traveled along multiple variable timelines and realized it was actually okay. 


The dreammaker spoke of the round egg and the straight line. 

I think about how some people try to harvest information from others as if we’re just living livestock or plants who’s only purpose is to keep feeding the machine. They are harvesting our data to become hyperintelligent about our species. 


Meanwhile the Earth moans and cries and wails for us to feed her soil, clean her water, protect the forests that provide air, and find the warmth and comfort of human tribal love. The grieving fires live dormant on mossy logs of untold stories meant to be sung about to children at the twilight before sleep. 


But unfortunately many of us live in square houses with square phones and square cars where we drive in between the lines to wait in line to touch the squares and get the rectangle paper and the numbers and the charts and the angles. 


Haha talk about nirvana and samsara. 

We in it. 


But there’s this roundness. 


And I hold a renewed intention not to harvest information from people like some crop, 

But to encourage people to fully regenerate their own electromagnetic field through tapping into their soul, remembering that their true identity is oneness, and generating the love frequency!


The golden egg! We all have one. It just needs to get turned on. And dusted off. And polished.


I just learned that moths’ tails are able to deflect radio waves due to the roundness and fluttering of their long and whimsical tails. This makes them almost impervious to be eaten by predators. 


And meanwhile, shark’s just cruising in the beneath. Unfettered by all the hullabaloo on land.

They’ve always been here. They always will be. They are old powers. 

I also googled ‘Shark Animal Medicine’ and got this lovely response from a wee little bot:


The shark medicine card speaks of survival, independence, and adaptability. Even though they are viewed as dangerous beasts, it describes a peaceful person when single but unpredictable when facing groups. The shark medicine offers you protection and brings beneficial people into your life to help you.


May 2023 Affirmation:


‘I am not afraid. I place myself in a smooth and round egg of golden light that nourishes my natural electromagnetic dream body. I am a Dreamwalker. I walk between the world of the deep and the surface. I set reasonable goals. My egg protects me as I shine.’

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