Omen Day 10- Gazelle’s Grace

Alright, here we are. Omen Day 10.

Wooosh. Still in it. But barely. Just the last remnants of tinsel linger around town.

We’re back to work. Getting shit done. And dealing with the repercussions of the first of the month and all that.

I can feel the stress in the air after all the hurrying up to relax. 


The way of the season for most.

I’m patting myself on the back. 


I did a good job at not believing the hype this year. 

I laid low. Read books. Made some fires. Wrote a ton. 


Still am. All I do is type these days it seems. 

Have you ever seen that Gif of a cat feverishly typing? 

That’s me.

Logging in symbol after symbol. Idea after idea. 


Funny this whole blogging thing. 

How here I am in my bathrobe at 7:43 am sipping chai and thinking about the universe. 


And here you are over there sipping what you’re sipping, reading my innermost thoughts.

It’s magick I tell you. 

Telepathy really. 


But let’s not get too far off task. 


For October 2023, I pulled Gazelle from the Kim Krans Wild Unknown Animal Spirit deck. 


Since we haven’t given Kim’s voice a chance to ring through the halls of my magickal readers’ brains, let’s see what she has to say about gazelle in the guidebook: 




The Gazelle represents supreme grace. With every move, this awe-inspiring beauty emits sophistication and elegance. Gazelle personalities are often hyper aware of their surroundings (bordering on hyper-vigilant), and this can inhibit them from enjoying the beauty they’ve spent so much effort cultivating. No more worrying about all those predators out there in the wild-when this card appears it’s time to get in the present moment. Sit down, find your breath, and acknowledge the bounty that surrounds you. Let it nourish your gentle spirit. 


WHEN IN BALANCE: graceful, perceptive, artistic

WHEN OUT OF BALANCE: food allergies, insomnia, racing mind

TO BRING INTO BALANCE: yin yoga, a cozy home, good food


Hmmmm. I remove my glasses slightly to stroke my chin. 

Gazelle, huh?

Hypervigilance, huh? 


Yeah. I’ve got that. 

A reminder to be graceful. To wake up and meditate. To catch my breath. Fill up my lungs with reverence, and surrender as it’s released back to the one. To eat sweet grass. And chew slow. To rest with my soft head on top of another soft head, ear twitching n the warm sun. 


There will be plenty more opportunities to run. To be keen. To offer my body to be eaten and transformed. But today isn’t that day. It’s okay, little desert deer. Chill. 


Affirmation for  October 2023: 


It’s okay to be gentle. 


Until tomorrow,



Emily Ra 


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