Laguz and Inguz- Dreams made manifest

Just awoke from a dream.

In the dreamtime I’m singing my heartsong in front of an audience that’s not listening.

I finally stop singing and say ‘hey. this is my soul’s song and then drop the mic’.

As I awaken, I realize I’m still healing feelings of being appreciated and loved by others .

Sometimes I feeling like I share my soul and it just falls on deaf ears. 

Ugh. Feelings. So many feelings. Ebbing and flowing. 

Everyone has them. 

Feelings of wonder. Feelings of joy. All the senses. The loneliness. The happiness. The tragedy. 

Dreams we have. Ideas and stories. Mythos of meaning within every circle of senses. 

All stirring underneath a calm surface. 

Reminds me of this week’s runes ‘Laguz and ‘Inguz’.

Laguz Norwegian Rune Poem-
A waterfall is a River which falls from a mountain-side;
but ornaments are of gold.
Sacred to the God ‘Freyr’

There’s a seed sound  inside and it’s a seed that requires action. 

It requires you in your own container. It’s the song for the sake of the song, not if anyones listening. 

I’m contained. 

In my own space. 

I communicate often with big gratitude for the people who do love and support me. 

I am here healing those feelings of resentment, abandonment and fear that have me looking for reinforcement by spending all my energy caring about what others are doing.. 

I forgive myself and them. 

This  way the currency can continue to flow. 

This way, I can remain contained and the water of my emotions can stop leaking out on others but rather become the very impetus for that seed to bloom. 

So instead of writing some terribly aloof vague book post about it, I’m gonna create a whole song about it. 

In fact I’m gonna write lots of soul songs in the comfort of my little bedroom while alone at home this week.

Fertility lives in what’s at first is seemingly dormant. But with time, love and consistent water voila! Life!

Laguz is a powerful water rune.

It represents the very nature of the ‘Wyrd’ and with it it’s treasures.

One must make a coherent container if they wanna find gold in the river of dreams.


I didn’t even get to talk about Freyr this round, but that’s okay.

Maybe we’ll dive into the stories Old Gods the next go-round!!! In the meantime, next week will be our last pair in the Elder Futhark on the journey!

Enjoying the flow.



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