‘Mahamundi’- Medicine Song

https://emilyra.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/01/8143B3E9-322F-4717-9E9B-7C4E2C87BDA2.mp4 ‘Mahamundi’ – A song written along the Rose Petalled Path inside The Temple of the Muse with Marya Stark. While toning and freewriting with 13 other Womyn and meditating on the concept of preconception and birth, this song poured through. Recording, mixing drum and bass with the multi-talented Arcturian Dream . Download on Bandcamp

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Omen Day 6- Spider is Here

My dreams last night were unremarkable. That’s okay. You can’t force dreammaker.  Besides, there’s a lot to focus on in waking life. A lot to process from previous dreams. A lot to prepare for the bright future of our upcoming Dreamwalker Course.  And spider may be tiny, but they’re huge symbolically. They’re enough. The Celtic 

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Omen Day 4- Lunar Moth and Goddess Lineage

I wonder if April 2023 will be mega mystical and goddessy considering both the card I pulled from the Animal Spirit Oracle along with the prophetic dream I had last night have very deep ancestral divine feminine undertones.    I pulled ‘MOTH’ from the Wild Unknown Animal Spirit deck, and dreamt with a buried Priestess.

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