Omen Day 6- Spider is Here

My dreams last night were unremarkable. That’s okay. You can’t force dreammaker. 

Besides, there’s a lot to focus on in waking life. A lot to process from previous dreams. A lot to prepare for the bright future of our upcoming Dreamwalker Course. 

And spider may be tiny, but they’re huge symbolically. They’re enough.

The Celtic  knot I wove for the month of June  started with the circles within circles. 

These represent the many generations that come before us who have woven a foundation for us to lay down our colors upon.

The ‘warp’ and the ‘weft’ it’s called. The ‘wyrd’ and the ‘woad’. 😉

The strands that are radiating from these circles are our deeds in this lifetime. 

The creations we offer to the world that travel and live far beyond our sight. 

A spider knows the value of patience, of concentrating on what can be created from our own source, and of ‘staying in their lane’ or rather ‘staying centered in their own web’.

They don’t chase, they attract. 

In many traditions around the world spider represents the Creator grandmother. 

To the Hopi she is Kokangwuti who weaves the world itself into existence. 

She is a dreamer, and from her dreams she shares her stories as medicine for the community and really the whole world. 

I’m not afraid of spiders. 

I wanted to make this one more fancy and it’s not, but that’s okay. Maybe that’s the nature of May 2023.

Affirmation: ‘I focus on the waking world and what I’m weaving for the generations to come. I’m small, yet my works are mighty.’ 

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