We got this

You are not broken. In fact you’re very much still here. And that next breath you’re taking? It’s there to catch your fall also. And the next. And the next. I know you’ve been through a lot. Too much for any one human to manage. I don’t know how you’ve even done it, except that […]

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The Shadowy Place

Sawhein Poetry It was all great and empowering. The shadowy place. Ah, we did it. We finished all the magic. And then, the villain appears. They thought the story was done, and that the baby had her blessing. But with it came the other wise woman. The 13th one that everyone wished would stay home.

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La Calavera Catrina

La Calavera Catrina is a figure based on a 1910 political cartoon by Jose Guadalupe Posada. It was a satirical commentary on the class divide in Mexico right before the Revolution of 1911. It was a statement about Mexican women who were loosing their culture to European Colonization. Diego Rivera then painted a famous mural

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Sunflower Saga

If you watch my Morning Report, you’re well-acquainted with my sunflower. I planted a plethora of sunflower seeds and only one determined flower sprouted up! One night, It faced a very hard windstorm and almost fell over, but with the support of a tiki torch, it BLOOMED on Fall Equinox! I was beaming the day

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‘Goddess Work’

I want to talk about the term ‘Goddess Work’. Mostly because for a long time I held a hidden and deep-seated resentment anytime I had to do any other job besides “Goddess work“. I thought that if I wasn’t in the sweet timeless embrace of ritual and ceremony or divination or dreaming or the arts

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Gaifu, Wunjo, and Success

SUCCESS!! We’ve almost made it through the first aett of the rune row in our weekly contemplation of the Elder Futhark runes! Wowie Zowies. Everytime I practice this discipline, the runes reveal something new. It’s real magick, I tell ya. The rhythm of the runes. I feel so overjoyed to know them. I feel so

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