Emily Ra

Animara Magix

Well , I’ve changed my mind again. And I’m doing my best to not make it such a habit. But sometimes when you go to make a move in life, life has other plans, better ones actually, though unexpected. Anyways, I changed my mind about building a Patreon. Here I was minding my own business

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Sally Willow

I was struggling with inflammation and pain, so before sleep I asked Dreammaker for some advice. Then, I had a dream. . . . In the dream I’m at the riverside with this really chill sandy haired lady. She says her name is ‘Sally’. She’s got this whole surfer beachbabe windblown kinda vibe. Her and

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I’m being Painted!

It’s an honor to be included as the dreamer in a modern take of the mysterious 1888 Flammarian Engraving by the maestro himself @dannystephensart!!! Not only is Danny an incredible visionary artist, community organizer, and cool dad, but he’s also a huge ally and believer in the power of the dream. For that I’m ultra

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