Dreamwalker-Awaken the Dreamer Within

 with Emily Ra 

The Offering

You already have a Dreamwalker inside waiting to come out. Here on this 8 Week journey we'll explore the dreaming ways in LIVE WEEKLY ZOOM MEETINGS .We'll meet online and in the dreamtime to cultivate a unique practice that will last a lifetime.


The Journey

Wednesday Nights on Zoom, 6-8pm PST\

All Dream Councils are Recorded


3/22- The Initiate- The Art of Synchronicity

3/29- The Scribe- Dream Recall Practices

4/5- The Sage- Dream Interpretation Techniques

4/12- The Tracker- Journeywork and Dream Re.entry

4/19- The Djedi- Astral Travel and Lucid Dreaming

4/26- The Weaver- Dreams as the Muse for Art and Ritual 

5/3- The Council- Group Dreamwork

5/10- The Dreamwalker

“Dreams are private myths. Myths are public dreams.”

—Joseph Campbell

The 8 Archetypal Guides


Week One

The Initiate steps into the unknown with a sense of wonder. This curiousity invites their dream memories to return.


Week Two

As a scroll keeper in the Omnisphere, The Scribe enjoys the art of dream record keeping. They're an archivalist, a scholar, and love mythology and lore.


Week Three

The Sage gives sound wisdom from their lived experience. They're able to act as though another's dream is their own, and reflect to the dreamer their own inherent knowing.


Week Four

With their tools in hand and helpers around, the tracker follows the prints left behind and pursues with focus that in which they wish to connect with more deeply.


Week Five

From beneath their hooded cloak, the Djedi closes her eyes to tap into the forces of the Universe. They are in direct conversation with the Dreammaker, as Creators in their own rite.


Week Six

The Weaver tells stories through the tapestries of their tales. They hold the wisdom that each stitch is connected to all the other ones.


Week Seven

Together, the Intitates, Scribes, Sages, Djedis, Trackers and Weavers shapeshift and astrally travel to a timeless dimension. There you can hear the hummm of the collective mind making nectar with the pollen they've collected in dreams and vision.


Week Eight

YOU are the Dreamwalker.

Emily Ra on Dreams

Join Emily Ra for a walk in the forest in 2019 as she shares her thoughts on all things dream.


-Courtesy of Interviews with Extradimensionals.

“It's not in our dreams themselves, but in our relationship with them where we find medicine.”

-Emily Ra


About Emily Ra

Emily Ra is the Founder of a project called 'Dream Council', an online and in person dream community dedicated to dreaming ways as medicine. She's led countless dream groups workshops on the subject of Dreams, Journeywork, Animal Spirit Medicine, Fae Lore, and Holonomic Healing. She is a Spiritworks Instructor at Lucid University for Lucidity Festival. She taught her 'Dream Council' series and 'Awaken the Dreamer Within Series' at New Renaissance bookshop in Portland, OR . She's currently facilitating Dreamwork monthly in the Interview with Extradimensionals membership portal, where the council continues to explore our human identity as extradimensional beings. She is a passionate student of the dream.

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