Sultan Grade Frankincense Resin


  • Top Quality Old Growth Frankincese Resin
  • Boswelia Sacra
  • Sultan Grade from Oman
  • Edible
  • 20/oz
  • Free shipping

Frankincense has been prized since ancient times for its healing properties both physically and energetically. It breaks the blood
brain barrier and so is able to penetrate the cells on a genetic level. Frankincense helps us to clear and repair those aspects of self that are being called back into wholeness.

It is a cleansing and purifying resin that is harvested from the oldest frankincense trees in the world on the coast of Oman in the Middle East. This is the oldest port and trading center of frankincense in the world. Tears can be eaten once a day to clear and protect the light body. It can also be chewed as to support the teeth and gums. You only need a small amount burned on a charcoal to cleanse and purify your space.

Frankincense literally grabs impurities out of the air and sinks them to the ground to be then swept away. Frankincense has always been popular. It is not a trend. It is often been more valuable than gold because of its spiritual and medicinal quality. Of course none of these statements are approved by the FDA a.k.a. fake drugs administers but if you ask any traditional healer or folk a medicine person they will tell you that frankincense is one of the greats.

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