Ancient Egyptian Disease Dispelling Incense


For dispelling distorted energy fields that take form as disease and releasing them back into wholeness.

Ancient Egyptian Disease Dispelling Incense

A recipe found in ancient manuscripts, this blend is utilized to dispel the distorted energy fields that accompany disease.

To the ancient human mind, there’s no difference between illness and harmful spirits, and no difference between priests and doctors.

Disease was considered simply a distortion of an energy field. I tend to agree.

I’ve made this blend with the intention of protection and purification from these unwanted illness spirits. Hospitals have burned these herbs for thousands of years with success in disinfecting spaces where healing from illness is occurring. They’re antibacterial and antimicrobial and trap pathogens in the air and quickly bring them to the ground.

This blend also tends to show us the emotional, spiritual, and mental connections with our physical ailments, and calls us back into wholeness in all of our bodies. Memories may arise to be released, as the body breathes and remembers it is a vessel for much much more than simple biology.


  • Coriander- Coriandrum Sativum
  • Calamus aka Sweet Flag- Acorus Calamus
  • Juniper – Juniperus Sabina
  • Myrrh- Commiphora Myrrha

Burn on a charcoal or carry in a satchel to support health, well being, and defense from wayward spirits. If it is dire exorcism time and you wish to fumigate your home with this blend, go ahead and grind or powder the herbs for greater effect.

Otherwise simply burn as is. passing some smoke over yourself, your home, and your loved ones.

To hear me talk story about this incense watch this IGTV video:

Great Aset, mistress of magic and medicine, guide us home to wholeness from the spiritual distortions that cause illness and dis-ease. With your feathery wings protect us and breathe into us health, life and strength. By your blood, your magic, and your power, may it be so. Ama iset.

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